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Default Searching For My Picket Fence

I am brand new here and really trying to figure out exactly what my white picket fence would look like. :-P

My husband and I have been married almost 8 years now. About 4 years ago we started swinging. While we haven't done it a whole lot as parents to young children we have enjoyed it. A couple of years ago we met a couple who were polyamorous. While it didn't seem to work well for them, it really did get me thinking about how it could work.

For awhile now we have been talking about polyamory. It really seems to call to me. My husband's ideal would be a triad. It isn't that he's against other options, but that it appeals to him the most. I will admit that my bi-sexual side has been proving to me that I am more bi-sexual than I thought which makes this idea sound good.

In the end though, we are just hoping to follow where the wind takes us and to whatever new relationships are out there...
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