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Originally Posted by quila View Post

So now I'm asking some advice: From an education perspective, do you ever just write someone off as a lost cause? Is it worth my time trying to explain that I'm not planning on hurting anybody and that I have no intention of forming a relationship with someone who believes I'll eventually leave my husband for them? Are some people just incapable of understanding the concept of poly?

What do you care? You want to date this person? This is a stranger on a dating site who responded to your ad JUST to tell you that you suck. Why would you want to pursue this? I wouldn't have even replied to her in the first place.

It's as though I'd told someone that 2/3 of my life revolves around cats and they answered with "I can't stand cats, I'm allergic to them, and would never want to be involved with someone who is a cat-person." Am I going to pursue that and try to get that person to understand that I'm a really wonderful person and what my reasons are for having cats, when it says in my profile that I'm seeking someone who also loves cats?

Nooo I'm hitting the "delete" button and waiting for someone else to come along.

The only thing I can think of is that she struck some kind of a nerve in you and that you feel compelled to prove something to her - a STRANGER. If she's so "scared of you already" then she shouldn't have responded to you. If you keep writing back, she'll prob'ly say she's being "stalked by a confused married bi-woman".


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