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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
I don't mean, not just getting along with, outright hating.
Hate, like wants to watch them die in a fire?
Hate, like hatching plots which will cause them harm?
Hate, like being jealous and insecure and hiding behind anger?

Hate is classified as an "extreme dislike" or "intense hostility". Within the context of this conversation, hating someone involves being deeply irrational in allowing someone to steer their emotions as if they were not their own. If someone can claim to hate someone else, being accurate in their meaning, they are admitting that they have lost all sense of themselves and are instead substituting an inflated emotional response.

If people who are not dating each other, don't work together, and are not somehow otherwise socially locked in don't like each other... what's the problem?

They can either not spend any time with each other or they can grow up. Easy.
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