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Originally Posted by quila View Post
From an education perspective, do you ever just write someone off as a lost cause?
Well, she has said that she is looking for a woman to be monogamous with, therefore that's not going to be you.

I believe that it is neither your duty nor you right to "educate" her. She has made her life's choices, and is, presumably living by those choices, and living whatever consequences there are for those. If she is not requesting your help, then I don't feel you should try to.

Or is it worth my time trying to explain that I'm not planning on hurting anybody and that I have no intention of forming a relationship with someone who believes they'll be the only person in my life, or that if they just hold out, things with my husband will eventually fall apart and then they can have me all to themselves.
She has pretty much already said that he relationship style and yours are not compatible. She hasn't expressed an interest in learning more about your style. So why do you feel you have to explain your choices to her? OK, so she believes that you are wrong in your choices. Fair enough. Respect hers and if she can't respect yours, then too bad.

Are some people just incapable of understanding the concept of poly?
Maybe - there are some who can't understand the concept of monogamy, either.

I think live and let live, would be my advice - the two of you don't sound very compatible from what you each expect out of a relationship - let it go and move on.

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