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Am I okay being a mono husband? Pretty much. I'm not ruling out future relationships but right now I'm working on being comfortable in my current relationship. It would be unfair to seek to date someone as a "band-aid" for my discontent. One of the common pitfalls in non-monogamy is the "Relationship broken so add more people." Then the "broken" relationship gets worse quickly because all the time and energy is going to the new relationship. When it dies and new relationship starts having trouble, they often repeat the cycle.

One of the only things we have control over is identifying our wants and needs and determining whether those are being met. Is a platonic non-sexual marriage meeting your needs? I'm guessing no. You mentioned that she's been hurt by you and that may be part of the reason for the physical distance. Is anything being done to resolve this?

Also it may be an idea to invite her to join the forum, not only to read what you've expressed but to express her wants and needs as well.
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