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Hey there, Icewraithonyx. I was wondering are you ok with being a mono husband? Would you want more love? I always want it to have another love, but never have any luck. If I had another lover I would not feel alone anymore. When my wife comes home she go right up to her bf and the next morning I go to work so I don't really see her sunday-thursday. Mind you it is because of work. I might see her for about 30 min or so. On Friday we are both home, just me,her and the kids. I can tell she feels not her self around me. She covers up and there is no touching each other. We are pretty much like friends. But the hard thing is to be a friend. Because I know I am not getting no touching or sex from her. When the bf comes home, she have sex with him right away. She makes excuse with me, like (going to fast) or (words turn her on from text) which I can not do at work, where the bf can. I have no control over that. I just wonder if she will ever be sexual with me again. Like I said I bring a lot of stress to her and there was a good amount of time that I said I would leave her. which I never did. I am upset I said that to her. She is not comfortable with me anymore. I was wondering will she ever feel comfortable with me again? Should I start out as friends? Just knowing she is still having sex gets to me. She have sex with 3 other lovers and treat them well. But then again they never did anything to hurt her. I do get along with all her lovers. So she choose wisely. i was thinking to move out, but it would not be the best idea because of my son. Would like to make this work if i can.

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