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Thank you Marcus. I'm browsing through the forum now trying to find any posts that may be similar to mine, and reading a few others on communication. I'm constantly reading up on open relationships, but I was just not prepared for my reaction to be so strong. I'm trying to basically arm myself with the tools I need for future situations, but I guess you really can't do that. I don't know...

Yes, I really thought that I had gotten over the trust issue, but obviously I haven't. I have to just let it go or else this will happen again.

And you're absolutely right, at this very moment I feel so anxious and sick to my stomach that I could cry. I'm wouldn't say I'm normally a very emotional person like this, but I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. I just feel like I keep having these little issues and he's so patient and understanding but eventually he may give up and feel it's not worth it. Basically I'm way to much inside of my head with whatifs and being afraid of "when" it will end and how much I don't want to be hurt. I just feel so vulnerable.

Question though - what do you mean by " you want to stop obsessing over this 'relationship' stuff." ?

Am I overthinking everything? Is there a way to just relax and let the card fall as they will and NOT be so scared of screwing things up?

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