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Originally Posted by Newbie9 View Post
Keep the actors the same but keep giving them fresh scripts and scenes and playhouses.
Right but this is how you personally prefer to have relationships. I was asking about your hesitance about how your *partner* has relationships.

I personally don't have a high drive to have multiple partners. I'm certainly not against it, and am always on the lookout for a new person to love, but it's not something I am particularly driven to add to my life. This is a separate issue from how I expect my *partner* to behave (which is none of my business).

Originally Posted by Newbie9 View Post
So basically- if PRIOR to getting in a relationship it was somehow established that my partner wanted to do xyz I am open to negotiation
But people change; they change all of the time. This approach seems to assume that people have fully "arrived" at their final worldview when they meet you and there won't be any shifts over time.

I'm not trying to badger you, this is just a valuable conversation in my opinion.
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