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They are pretty happy with each other from what I can but then again I don't believe in monogamy & I believe that most relationships are leases rather than lifetime commitments....the only true lifetime commitments are those with your children IMO.

She was ok with poly in theory & when it came to it in practice, it was hard for her to handle which I totally understand. Admittedly, they have a baby & she isn't into being with anyone else which in my mind creates an imbalance. Also a woman with a new baby feels particularly vulnerable...I know I've been there. I tried to warn J of all of this but he assured me it was all ok...wishful thinking? Anyway, this was all new for all of us & we certainly learned a lot. I think Einstein said "There is no failure, only feedback"...I will take that advice here.

I love J, I love his wife & I love their child. I hope we can all remain friends & I hope that I can get into a more serious relationship where I have someone in my life more regularly who allows me to love others & fulfill all my needs. I've tried monogamy & I just don't think it's for me...I hope my next SO accepts that.
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