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Vinccenzo- I'm really confused by what you wrote but I will try to address. 1st of all thanks for the kind words.

He is coming to see me one last time & we can have sex with no negative repercussions. I would never have sex with him knowing that she would withhold sex from him. I am not a selfish person & do not want to be involved in anything negative or dishonest. She is perfectly ok with the one last time thing & would say so if she wasn't. I'm glad for this.

She allowed him to have sex with me & they had an understanding long before they even got married. Why they got married with incompatible sex drives is beyond me but maybe I'm mistaken. Again, I will never accept being subject to veto power again, live & learn. My first real foray into poly. No regrets.

She did not snoop. He asked her & she claimed she didn't so I will believe it. She said some very unusual things way back when & I message was read at a time that he wasn't up (on Facebook) so I was suspicious but I have to take people at their word. I found someone else you had a glitch on FB so I will believe the FB thing was a glitch as well.

J & I are incredibly honest with each other, you may or may not wish to believe this but we are. We have been from the very beginning. The only thing he doesn't disclose is certain things his wife says to preserve her privacy. I have no doubts about his honesty.

Thanks to you all for your words, very very helpful. J & I have been messaging this morning & I'm feeling better. Going to the gym to work out some frustrations & get some endorphins pumping.
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