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Originally Posted by Newbie9 View Post
If this is the litmus test in determining if a person is poly then I am poly
Oh gawd don't say that, you'll have this whole forum diving on me like rabid dogs.

I am not saying this is the litmus test for polyamory, I am saying that this sense of authority and responsibility is a big determining factor in what type of relationship you are likely to have. It is a fundamental reflection of how you view other people which in turn will shape the way your relationships work.

Originally Posted by Newbie9 View Post
And I don't think I could feel comfortable with my partner having sex or falling in love with others. I THINK I could MAYBE handle a once a year exception to the sex thing or something like that. I THINK i could MAYBE handle us having a couple we were friends with but not in love with to mess around with from time to time as long as nobody was being deceptive.
I'm curious to know what your hesitation is with your partner having relations of this nature. What is it that makes you approach it with such apprehension? I ask because you are so sure about not wanting to babysit adult humans and that you want your partner to be independent, responsible for their own time and body, etc.
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