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Thanks Marcus! Veto power sucks! I told him that it made me feel like it made me feel like a 2nd class citizen.

[QUOTE I get why you would want this, because you're in love with the guy, but honestly it's just asking for trouble. These two have some heavy garbage to work out and I for one hope you don't get in the middle of it any further.[/QUOTE]

No, I think it will be ok. I love him, but I tell my other friends platonic & otherwise that I love them. I can compartmentalize & it's not like I'm going to visit them tomorrow. My other lover & I are going to go visit them at first just to make things easier on all of us. I can just be friends with him & not have sex with him if that's what you're referring to. The problem is that she doesn't see anyone else has no interest. Even though he claims to love her, I can't see why they are together. They are totally not a sexual match from what I can tell & even though that's not everything, it's pretty damn important in my book. They both believe in polyamory (in theory I guess) but she can't handle it in practice. I doubt he'll ever be allowed to have another girlfriend & I think it will eventually be the downfall of their relationship but she will never be able to satisfy him sexually or in other ways.

@Bookbug- Interesting & their relationship shit is not my problem...its their shit to work out. I doubt their marriage will last for many reasons but then again I believe that monogamy goes against human nature. He won't cheat on her, but monogamy will make him miserable & will eventually be their ruination. Again, not my problem.

Good news I have a date with a Persian woman on Wednesday....why can I never find a lover close to home?
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