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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

I have had people tell me to prove it, let me be your boyfriend (obviously that was the end of that
That's just a retarded person who demonstrated this to you very clearly. Count yourself lucky, most people aren't quite that damaged and are harder to spot.
I've had people tell me to "prove" that I do or do not "dye my hair below the waist". So WHAT? I don't make my issues other people's problem, and I sure as hell don't make THEIR issues MY problem. You want me to "prove" to you I'm non-monogamous? The proof is in the bottom of a big hot cup of "go fuck yourself". It is also written in fine-print on my sweet alabaster ass.

That said, I've never had any lack of sex, getting laid, whatever you want to call it - in a relationship or not, monogamous or otherwise. I guess I'm just that fabulous, or maybe it's just easier to fuck me than it is to get rid of me.
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