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I can't say what the % of risk is.

But, I have herpes. I have been fluid-bonded with Maca and GG for over 15 years & both test negative (so far) every 6 months.


fyi-I was curious last year, and asked the dr to test me on that curiosity because when I learned I had herpes, they couldn't test for 1 or 2. It was verified visually. ANYWAY-they tested me because I was curious-and I test negative for 1, positive for 2. Both guys test positive for 1 and negative for 2.

SO-not only have we not spread 2 from me to them in spite of a rowdy, wild and crazy fluid bonded sex life-but we also haven't spread 1 from either of them to me.

Shrug-I think it's always better to be safer than sorry-in terms of educating yourself on risk.
On the other hand-the idea that "I simply trust my partner to identify partners we can trust" doesn't work for me-I trusted the man who gave me herpes 22 years ago. I trusted that we were actually being monogamous-until I caught him in bed with another woman.
SOOOOOO-no. I don't trust that someone is actually trustworthy just because I love them or because my partner loves them.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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