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Default It is indeed.

Now, if a poly person just keeps adding lovers, I'd question their sanity. But most here seem able to have 2 or 3 lovers and keep relationships balanced. If they get sucked into NRE over and over again, and neglect the lovers already in place, though, yeah, they need a good kick in the ass.

Speaking from personal experience here, FreeTIME?[/QUOTE]

Yes. I've seen this at all levels. Where it becomes a question of is it poly or am i just collecting a fan club, or on the darker side a cult following. many of the so callled poly/tantra experts I've met Have shown no interest in the relationships formed, only in the growing numbers of lovers/ worshipers they can gather and sell there shit too.

Go online and look at just how many of these so called Gurus teachers, guides, whatever, Seem to have more interest in selling there system to nirvana than in actually practicing the principles they're supposedly living.

When you start to look behind the curtain what you find, isn't pretty.

Poly may be just anther relationship construct, such as Monogamy, but it's still supposed to be about the sharing of love.

I don't need these so called experts selling me there secret formula for sucessful relationships. i just need to be willing to love. Freely. and with some kindness and truth thrown in for good measure.

Rant over.
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