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Well, it has been an amazing last weekend in the UK. We are heading for the airport in a bit. We decided to fly privately because it is an incredibly long trip, and we need to be comfortable.

I am bursting at the seams with happiness and joy. This weekend has been spectacular. I guess I will start with Friday. Our daughter had her going away sleepover. It was wild with that many children. They were well-mannered and well-behaved. Once they were in bed, I had Matt helping me put gift bags together. I made memory books for each girl. They are her ballet buddies, and they have all aged up together, so it took a while, but we got it done. We watched a movie, cuddled, and went to bed after that.

On Saturday, we cooked breakfast for the girls, and my friend's staff came by to set up for their spa day. It lasted about 2.5 hours. Manis/pedis, facials, hairstyling, and arm/leg massages. They even had pink "champagne." It was really Sprite with pink food colouring in the cutest glasses. They also got to keep the robes. I could not thank her and her staff enough for all of their hard work. The girls enjoyed themselves tremendously.

After that, we took the girls shopping, so that they could get clothes for their fashion show/photo shoot. In true VIP style, they arranged for a pink limo to pick them up. Shopping with the girls was a blast. I believe every little girl should feel beautiful. Once we finished shopping, it was time to eat. The girls chose Giraffe, which is a really good restaurant. We let them order for themselves. When lunch was done, we were taken around London. They were listening to music, taking pictures, and talking. We made it back home around 2. The parents watched the fashion show and shoot. After that, it was time for them to say good-bye and give them the gift bags. I had the most interesting conversation with my princess before her nap. I am glad that she got to say good-bye to her friends. It seems small, but it meant the world to her. All of the parents are in agreement to let them talk via Skype, send letters, and even visit during holidays. A great group of parents and girls all around, so I would say it was a raving success.

We had to get ready for the grown-up going away soiree. We were not told any details other than an address and the attire. We were under the impression it was just a dinner. It was about 45 minutes outside of London. When we pulled up, it was little more than that. My parents hired a marquee. It was lit up like a Christmas tree. The marquee was beautifully designed and lit up in hues of blues and purples. My mum knows I prefer clean and elegant looks, so the chosen floral arrangements were white orchids and roses. The DJ was one of our closest friends.There was so much food. We had a formal five course sit down dinner, followed by dancing, and a huge fireworks show at midnight.

There were hundreds of people at our party. Every one from Si's parents to former co-workers to professors to relatives to friends from all stages of our lives. I have never hugged so many people in my life. We loved all of the speeches, and it warmed our hearts to know that we will be missed. The best speech was from my daddy. He told me how proud he was to be my father and how proud of me he was. That meant the world to me. I was always one of those people who wanted to make their parents proud, and now that I know I have, it makes me feel all the more secure and confident in the decision to move. Matt's speech made everyone laugh. I made everyone cry.

My mum and dad treated the guests to ice cream, a candy bar, candy floss, and at the end, mini sliders, fries, and milkshakes for the guests to take home. When the fireworks were going off, "Forever Young," by Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson was the last song that played. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family members. Tears were flowing. Champagne corks were being popped. We were singing. Those moments were emotionally charged and unforgettable.

Every person there has helped me and/or us on our journeys. Admittedly, I was overindulged and spoiled rotten. Matt said last night, "i had a five year plan to rid Ry of her spoiled nature, and I broke her." I am no longer the epitome of a baby who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I am an independent woman, and I can stand on my own two feet. I have matured from a girl to a young a woman to a grown woman. I am no longer that bright-eyed student with a list of dreams and goals. I can now be a teacher because I have accomplished those dreams and goals. I am no longer that love-crazy teenager. I am a married woman, who is devoted to my husband and bravely venturing into the unknown with him.

Matt and I left after the fireworks. The party was still in full swing and continued until after sunrise. We decided to spend our last night in our home alone. Our children stayed with my parents. We chose to do this because our home is where it all began. This is the first home we bought together. This is the first home our children lived in. This is the place where we created some of the happiest memories in our lives. We reminisced, talked about the future, and enjoyed the entire night. It was easily one of the best nights in our marriage. We established intimacy and not just in a physical way. We remembered the way it was when we first fell in love. Free, beautiful, and just open. No expectations. No promises. Just love. I felt like that again last night. When he kissed me, he took away my breath. I felt his love inside of me and surrounding me. I fell asleep in his arms, and at that moment, there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

We woke up this morning, had a cosy breakfast for two, and my parents brought our children home. By then, it was time to set up for our son's first birthday party. My baby turned one today. He is growing so fast, and the best job I have ever had in my life has been motherhood. The love I feel for my children is unlike any love I have ever known. His party was relaxed and just really fun. It only felt right to have his first birthday at home.

We stayed at home all day. Everything has been shipped or is already there in storage with the removals agency. We were left with a few personal items which we are taking with us tonight. Our home has been cleaned, and it is time to do one last walk through and leave for the airport. I am going to try not to cry.

I hope everyone has an amazing week. With 18.5 hours of flying, 9 time zones, sleeping off the jet-lag, and moving in, I will not have much time to be on here.

Off to begin a whole new book in this life.
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