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Do you see where he's being unreasonable? He beats you up emotionally for NOT being someone else that HE fell in love with?
I do yes, if he could see J more he would, when he sees her he is gone for a day or 2 when I see A its for about a hour maybe 3 or 4 if I am lucky

In previous posts you say he does not meet your needs and now he's STILL using you as emotional punching bag.

To me you seem to be in the process of leaving, and gathering self to detach... but not quite there yet. Where are you in the leaving process?
  • Emotionally? You seem sorrowful and in stages of grief.
  • Mentally? You are.... deciding things?
  • Spiritually you seem flat.
  • Physically you are living in the home.
I am somewhat detached from him, not sure if I love him or not as he is never nice anymore.

emotionally: I feel I am in the stages of grief, I wouldn't take him back but doesn't mean I don't miss what we had.

Mentally: I am depressed, happy with I am with A but when I am not with him I am low and lonely, before I had two amazing guys and now I have one amazing lovely sweet guy but when I am not with him he is busy with his gf and can't always see me.

Spiritually: I am flat, he and J are wearing me down, she doesn't understand what she is doing is hurting me and she isn't in the wrong, she wants to be friends with me but she can't see why I don't.

Physically: we are still living together, he sleeps downstairs but its sucks living with him, I hate him sometimes.

One word of caution... Please be careful. You are esp vulnerable as a SAHM -- do you have your own account? Because anything held in joint he could cut you off from. It takes both to get one or the other name removed, it only takes one to go to bank and close it entirely.
I have my own money and bank account which he can't control, we had joint bank accounts last time but when we broke up and then got back together I didn't want to set it up again.

Right now he's being emotionally and mentally hurtful. Don't let feeling UGH from enduring that blind you to protecting your financial health.
I won't, my kids come first and without food on the table and the bills being paid it won't (apart from my love, which there is a lot from me) much of a life for them

You don't deserve to be treated poorly.

What would be the steps you'd need to take to leave this situation? Have you thought it out or need help thinking it out?

I want him out, he makes it so hard to live with him and I hate being with him, its awkward, I can't move as I am committed to the house plus its out home now
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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