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Originally Posted by london View Post
It's like 3% without antiretrovirals, yes some people shed without an outbreak but very few.
As I said before, a huge amount of people who have herpes are fluid bonded with negative partners


The testing thing is another issue in itself. Lots of people who swear they'd never allow someone with hsv 2 in their sexual network don't actually know if they have it themselves yet are fine making calls about other people.

I honestly feel you are just pulling 'facts' out of your nethers here London. "You think", does not scientific statistics make. It's true that people are not routinely tested for HSV and some people 'are' asymptomatic (in fact I wondered about myself possibly being so) I'd have no way of knowing though since no one is going to test me on the NHS because I am curious.
As I said before I have had partners with HSV before, it wasn't an issue until pregnancy and then I worried about it. Sometimes life circumstances mean that you 'have to' be extreme (like the aforementioned autoimmune disordered) and possibly more extreme than warranted, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
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