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I was reading Freetimes post earlier about time and it got me to thinking about the time that I spend with my guys. I often worry that I don't split my time well enough between them. I don't wish either of them to think that I'm preferring one over the other after all. But then again, my relationship with Keith is unlike my relationship with Bob. Bob and I were discussing this just yesterday. He says that he sees me and Keith as being really stable and that he thinks we will make it just fine. Bob, who has never been in a poly before, has continuously said as long as its jus the three of us he is just fine with our arrangement. And he is constantly making sure that he isn't taking up too much of my time with Keith. Keith, who saw me hurt in a previous relationship, is glad that the current one is going so well. Bob makes plenty of time for me so we can go place and do things and Keith knows where I'm at when the day is over--right beside him.

Someone else had made a point about us poly people being so full of empathy for our other partners. And I think this is so true. I see this in my own poly that is currently working so well. We are all thinking about the others in our triad and do our best to be honest about everything. This keeps one of us from being blindsided by one situation or another. I hope it always stays this way but I know things change, people change.
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