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Their response to my requests have all been "Well, we can't really form a relationship that isn't based on sex without seeing each other at least once a week." It really hurt the other day after I mentioned my concerns that he decided to tell my wife that he wants to see her either more than once a week or for longer periods than the day that they have.

He and his fiancee came out to visit on Friday, so i could meet them for the first time, they seemed really nice and all. It was just that after my wife and I spent a ridiculous time cleaning the house for their visit and getting to spend the evening making googly eyes at him in front of me, she got very mopey the next day and decided that she had to go see him. So I guess they are getting their more time together. I was looking forward to having some time together to go blueberry picking or some bullshit "date" that we would have our son along with. Now I have to take my son into the office with for a few hours to boot. Next week may even be a two day weekend for them as I don't have my stupid D&D group meeting. It feels like she is saying, "here hubby, since you don't have your one distraction this week I'm going steal more of your time. Thanks." NRE sucks monkey balls and it is making me reconsider this poly stuff, and it has only been a goddamn month.
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