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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
Are you willing to give up time with those you already love? because that's exactly what it will take to create a new bond with another person in your life.
Makes me think of the analogy of having another child. You love the first one so much, why have another? Because you have more love to give. Time can be shared... and eventually the kids will have others to spend time with, friends, teachers, extended family... MY attention will not be enough. Likewise, with lovers, if they need me 24/7, we are not a good fit. My lovers have others to spend time with when they are not with me. My gf has friends, colleagues. My bf has a wife, 2 sons, friends. No one is entirely dependent on little old me to fill up their time.

If the answer is yes, yes i am, than I question the commitments already in place...
Now, if a poly person just keeps adding lovers, I'd question their sanity. But most here seem able to have 2 or 3 lovers and keep relationships balanced. If they get sucked into NRE over and over again, and neglect the lovers already in place, though, yeah, they need a good kick in the ass.

If I'm willing to do so with or without agreement to keep adding to the list, than i have to ask what the fuck is this really all about.
Speaking from personal experience here, FreeTIME?
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