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I'm not stuck with him all the time, she lets me get out to play D&D most weekends. But she has been trying to compare my hobby to her love life, and it really stings. I spend six hours out with the guys, most of it while the little one is asleep, and she spends 24 hours with her boyfriend. Our weekly schedule, since he is out of school had me watching him three days a week while trying to finish my MS and she has him four days a week while working her internships and taking a summer class, so it not easy to begin with, and true she has him most of the time during the week. Sorry to rant and rave, this month has been painful. Not only is the poly stuff new, but true emotions like this are as well. I've always been super steady and never really had strong feelings. I was told in the past that I bottle them up, but after this experience I know that isn't the case. Sorry for ranting internets, and thanks for the responses, I'm new to this poly stuff and didn't know where else to turn.
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