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I'm sorry that happened to you quila. It seems to be another example of some having a narrow view of what love can encompass for any outside of themselves. An interesting mix of not believing in bisexuals or polyamorists.

Originally Posted by rubyfish View Post
It kind of reminds me of some of the profiles I've read on okcupid for women that say they are bisexual, but aren't interested in dating or even hearing from cis-gendered straight men. Okay, whatever floats their boat. And then when you read deeper or talk to them, they also have no interest in women who date cis-gendered straight men. I don't quite understand, but I think it's a little like the person you replied to.
Because a bisexual woman is only interested in women at any given moment on a dating site, doesn't mean she is being a hypocrite. Those men who are interested in the bisexual woman do not validate her bisexuality by being able to date her.

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