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I understand this situation. This can be very difficult in my home/apt. as my husband has our son while I am almost 5 hours away at graduate school. I do what I can to give him time.

We visit every other weekend, I find sitters when I can for us to do adult stuff. I set up every summer for him to go visit grandmom for 5 weeks and try to take him for a week at the beginning and two at the end of the summer (he gets to learn lots of nerdy sci-ency lab stuff, but at least he is with me).

This essentially gives him most of the summer to do as he pleases.

Also, when he was dating a girl, I offered to take our son and let them have my place for as many days as they could wiggle in (I live at the beach).

I understand her perspective. NRE is great and a wonderful break. However, you don't get to just not be a mom and leave your spouse stuck with the kid all the time.

She needs to put in the effort to give you adult time with/and without her as well.
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