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Thank you so much not only for reading but for the nice comment. We are at a point in our lives where this seems to make sense to us. So far it has been pretty good, not that there are no issues but pretty good none the less. In the last few weeks J has really come to enjoy our company on a different level and D is so content it is cool to see. She still is somtimes walking on egg shells after they are together sexually as she does not want to have it interfere with our relationship but she is getting over some of that as well. There are times I am somewhat jealous but not to the point it is a problem and seeing her happy is what brings me back to earth. We have gotten into another weekend and the day switch didn't work out like we thought it would so they spent the night together in his room last night. It worked out well and actually I have to admit I enjoyed hearing them together. Jealous.....maybe a small bit but it was also kinda hot I have to Both her and I worked today, he is gone with his daughter to a concert tonight and will either be home late tonight or he may stay at his daughters and be home tomorrow. We are both going to be glad to see him although for different They now are both saying the L word to each other so I don't see any stop signs in the near future at least. Will post more as it happens and thanks for reading.
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