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Default New to polyamory and struggling to swim in the deep end

Hello All, sorry I didn't introduce myself right away.

Anyway. My wife and I have just opened up our relationship of seven years. She was contacted by a guy and they hit it off very well and incredibly quickly. They went from first meeting online to meeting face to face in about a week. When they had their first meeting it was supposed to be just for coffee and then she and I could discuss things after that point. Well, first date skipped to fourth date and she spend the night at his house. She has been spending at least one night a week with him ever since. Their first meeting was May 30th, just to give some time perspective. In between then and now, we have finals, family has been visiting, and the apartment has received a massive dose of cleaning. Between all of this she is taking a summer class and working two internships, I am also working on my graduate degree and we have a four year old to manage. Is this once a week over night trip pretty common (he is about an hour away)? I have been feeling fairly neglected, as he gets a chunk of Friday and most of Saturday with my wife, and then all the rest of our time is either work, school, or our son. It may just be envy of the fact that they get spend uninterrupted time together, and the whole new relationship energy. It has been very rough on me and I don't know what to do. I don't want to be jerk and say that they can't have their time together as often as they would like, but I also feel that her boyfriend hasn't attempted to see my side of the situation either. (I've also been getting disappointing results on Okcupid, so my love life has been looking pretty dismal). Sorry for the rambling post, I've just been having a hard time with things for the past month and need some support from the people in the clouds.
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