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Ginger has been in the hospital since Thursday night. He's sick with fevers and diarrhea and also maybe a UTI, even pneumonia. Tests are inconclusive so far.

His wife R hates to drive outside of their town, she wears coke bottle lensed glasses, but accompanied him to the first GP visit, then a half hr drive to the big city hospital for a CAT scan, then home, then he drove them back to the hospital when first test results indicted he should be admitted. She had to drive home by herself at 1:30am in the rain, after he finally got a bed. It's a half hour drive in good traffic and weather.

Yesterday she wanted to bring him some things, toothbrush etc, so Ginger asked if I would drive her to the city. Of course, I wanted to visit him too, and so did miss pixi, so we drove to their town, got R and drove to the city. How is that for a poly scenario? I'd only hung out with R for an hour or so, 3 times, before this, but "our" man being brought down brought us all together.

As we were about to leave after our visit, I said, good thing she was along because it would have been hard to find his room in those loopy corridors. She said, "And I am glad you were able to drive me here! It's a symbiotic relationship."

Ginger is having more tests today and didn't want visitors, he's very tired. We've talked briefly on the phone at 10 and 3 and I'll call him again in the evening. My poor sweetie!
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