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Yes, dirclustit. Explain it briefly. You can do it, i know you can.

brief *(brf)
adj. brief·er, brief·est
1. Short in time, duration, length, or extent.
2. Succinct; concise: a brief account of the incident.
3. Curt; abrupt.
1. A short, succinct statement.
2. A condensation or an abstract of a larger document or series of documents.
3. Law
a. A formal outline listing main contentions along with supporting evidence and documentation.
b. A document containing all the facts and points of law pertinent to a specific case, filed by an attorney before arguing the case in court.
4. Roman Catholic Church A papal letter that is not as formal as a bull.
5. A briefing.
6. briefs Short, tight-fitting underpants.
tr.v. briefed, brief·ing, briefs
1. To summarize.
2. To give instructions or preparatory information to: briefed the astronauts before the mission.
in brief
In short.
[Middle English bref, from Old French, from Latin brevis. N., Middle English bref, written communication, from Old French, from Medieval Latin breve, from Latin, neuter of brevis, short; see mregh-u- in Indo-European roots.]
briefer n.
briefly adv.
briefness n.
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