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Good to Hear!

And thank you for coming back, nobody can know better than you, what is right for you to do, esp when you are being honest and rational. Sometimes you need to bounce ideas off a close friend, but usually only when your blinded by circumstance. A good friend would be worried if you were hate filled and angry, as that is when people make foolish decisions and do damage to relationships that cannot be repaired. You are doing your part to be responsible, and it's gonna hurt, but time and persistence will carry you through to where it's managable. Hopefully they will do their part and recognize the little things they can do, so that their behavior doesn't do damage that cannot be repaired.

But you definitely sound like your end is covered, you are doing the right thing, so give yourself credit and do what you need to do. Just realize, you are tackling one of the hardest situations to persist, and keep going.


time will make it manageable, this is the hardest part, and you've been doing it. You are able to do it

it will get easier

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