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Default "Poly" dating websites and meeting poly people

I, too, have found "poly" dating sites disappointing. They seem to assume polyamorous people are just interested in sex, maybe confusing us with swingers. And they are not as strong on community as good swingers' sites.

Finding people who are open-minded towards polyamory can be a real challenge, I have found, especially in our case as we haven't come out to everybody. This is the case even sounding out friends and acquaintances to try to work out if they will freak out and distance themselves from us if we come out to them.

Meeting people who might be interested in a relationship is nigh-on impossible. I always think people will think I am going behind my wife's back, or wanting to break up the relationship they have with their partner. The idea of consensual non-monogamy is just so far out of most people's idea of relationships.

And when we have come out to a few friends we trusted, and they were accepting of it (not everyone has been quite as broad minded as we fondly hoped), we haven't wanted to put such a good friendship at risk by considering them as potential lovers, bringing in complicating things like jealousy and heartbreak. Aargh!

We should get into Melbourne to PolyVic meetings, but they always seem to be timed for our children's bedtime. Frustrating.

Ah well.
Be good to each other.

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