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Hello and Welcome! I hope you find these boards as useful (and entertaining) as I have.

Originally Posted by KingCobra View Post
And aren't snakes adorable?

Originally Posted by KingCobra View Post
Yes I love snakes, specifically my 13yo baby (not pictured, lol)
My own "Pretty Girl" is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa and probably about 7yo (full grown at 6+ feet) that I have had for 2 years. She is absolutely gorgeous after a shed and feels like silk - and such a sweetheart. We fed her last night and today she is fat, lumpy, and happy!

(My first snake, 22 years ago, was a captive-bred corn-snake with a lovely personality - re-homed in college with a friend due to a housing situation and, unfortunately, escaped; 2nd was a very timid pet store baby ball python who was killed by a "less-stunned-than-thought" mouse during his transition from fresh/stunned to frozen/thawed - I swore off snakes/reptiles for 20 years until PG needed a home...and she is just what I needed too!)

TMI? sorry.

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