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I have been living with Keith for just over a year now, but we've been together for nearly seven. But we aren't married. My mother periodically pokes around asking if its ever gonna happen. I honestly don't see it happening, and not sure that I want that, nor do I think that Keith wants that. I mentioned it this afternoon to Bob about what my mother keeps pushing for and he immediately got defensive. I know that he's never been in a poly before and the whole concept is new to him. But I don't know why he would be so insistent that he couldn't see me anymore if I made the decision to marry Keith? In my eyes it wouldn't change anything, and I don't think it would to Keith either. Me and Keith had discussed it before, and he wants to always remain in a poly and he really likes Bob too. He knows how much Bob cares for me, and me for Bob, and wants things to remain like they are. I just don't understand why it would make such a difference to Bob if it wouldn't to us? At this point marriage isn't in the cards. I have the security and stability that I'm looking for without it so why change a good thing. And I certainly wouldn't want to lose either of the guys that I have.
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