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Default How do I tell this guy I have a boyfriend...

First you should know that I prefer to have one or two other guys to sleep with fairly regularly, so I like to have a friendly relationship with them. I'm not in it to love those guys and don't want them to love me.

So, there's a guy I'm interested in. I know he likes me. He doesn't know I'm in an open relationship or that I have a boyfriend. Of course I want to be honest and tell him these things and not string him along.

On the other hand, I've only talked to him a few times and in public at that, so I don't want to be so forward. If I just jump into sex, then there's not a solid friendship and the sex isn't as good for me. Plus then there's awkward before-sex conversation or silence.

If I tell him I have a boyfriend he'll think he has no chance to sleep with me. If I tell him I'm in an open relationship, all he'll hear is "I want sex now."

When do I tell him and what do I say? I've botched this conversation quite a few times, so I'm open to suggestions.
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