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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Healiing requires space.

Even Maca and I (who are doing very well now) had to live apart for a year to work through the healing process of the damages we had done to one another previously.

If someone is continuing to spew forth venom-then the household is toxic.

Think of it like having an open wound. Would you soak it in a dirty mud puddle and expect it to heal?
Of course not.

Likewise-the wound you want to heal-your heart, your mind, your soul-needs a healthy, clean and safe environment to heal.
thank you, we spoke today and it didn't end well, he resent me because I am happy with A and he hates being around me but won't move out because he has no where to go so he says. he says I leave him to babysit for a few hours a day while or stays the night at J or goes to london for a week.

i hate my life with him here and hate myself, he says its all my fault he fell in love with j more and our relationship broke down. I am trying to be strong but its getting hard.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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