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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
1) He loves you, despite it all
2) For the kids
3) You're smart, and successful career-wise
4) You're pretty and look good on his arm on dates and at career related functions
5) The sex is good, when you manage
6) You're both Sloane Rangers, same social strata
7) Divorce is a PITA
8) He has low self esteem (despite the bluster) and doesn't really believe deep down, he can get someone better than you
1) I know he loves me. I foolishly took him for granted.
2) He is family oriented, so I know our children played a huge role in the decision to stay put.
3) Good point. I am independent. He loves that with or without him, I can stand on my own two feet.
4) He looks even better on my arm. He can be my man candy.
5) Indeed. With no implant in, I am surprised I am not pregnant right now.
6) Sloane Rangers who skipped out on the fast lives some of our counterparts have lead. You should see some of these people. At our friends wedding I found myself looking at the some of guests and wondering, "Why are you 31 but look every bit of 50 and like you have lead the hardest life?" All that boozing it up and all the drugs have done them no favours.
7) It is. 110%. I would rather stay married and legally separated than deal with a divorce. Having a difficult ex would make it all the more challenging.
8) He knew he could get someone better, so it is definitely not self-esteem. Matt is very confident and sure of himself. It is one of the things that attracted me to him. Confidence is one of the sexiest non-physical attributes. He tries to see the best in everyone. My guess is he sees the good in me that is worth loving.
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