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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Sometimes when we are immersed in the pain, drama, heartache, etc. it's easy to either get bogged down by all the small details or get so overwhelmed by the whole thing that we can't see the details. It's easier for outsiders to get past these road blocks and start asking hard questions.
I agree that this is a thing.

However, i find myself at a place where i can imagine what other people (specific individuals AND people in general, or people on this forum in general, etc.) would say to me; and also at a place where i trust my own judgment enough that i don't feel the need to check it with others. When i do, i usually ask one of my closest friends, which includes my partner(s).

I am coming to the end of the train ride now so i don't have time to get into the "hard questions" part of it all. But i have some thoughts about that and perhaps will editorialize them in the near future.
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