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So im reviving this thread cause its relevant, and hopefully you all arent tired of me yet BF is still having troubles with his spouse, he is about to leave on a trip and he has recognized that while ive been warm and attentive, she is being a little distant. He tells me about his hurt feelings with the way she is acting, but does not tell her. Im seeing him off later today, so there last interaction was this morning and while he feels things have smoothed over, it still sounds rocky.

I explained to him last ngiht that Im happy to listen, to support, to offer advise...but its when my words go unheeded and he continues to gripe to me, then do nothing about the issues that i get frustrated and a little resentful. I want him to be happy, and I want him to assert himself which i think is something he hasnt done in a very long time. Im encouraging him to do so...I just hope that their communicaiton problems, and his worry about her is detrimental to our relationship.

Im not sure any of that warrants a reply, but there it is. Im just trying to remind myself to be the best partner I can be and let them work their stuff out

edited: ok i do know what bothers me, im afraid he'll take my listening for granted, and i'll keep being his shoulder to cry on while he tries to please her and ignores his needs.
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