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Default What I am saying

is, it's not even worth it to have an online forum when there is not some level of voluntary respect, let alone a community. Their is also a world of difference between being showing little to no respect, but just going about your business, and going about your business with sabotage on the mind, or malicious intent.

The same as being involved with one partner who isn't honest about intentionally inciting jealousy can cause the whole poly ship to crash and burn, it's the same disingenuous behavior that destroys a community.

Simply choosing not to cooperate or participate because you aren't into something is an entirely different situation then having an agenda that intentionally opposes or intentionally causes trouble makes the people not only disassociate, but make it a point to say "I am not part of that" like the Eagle Scouts who returned their badge when the organization's actions became something they so vehemently opposed they could not continue on being affiliated. Something is not right when people make it a point to unaffiliate, when people do that it is typically either very clear why they chose to do that , or there is an aspect that for whatever reason, cannot be directly spoken about.

Problems can't ever be solved when they cannot be directly discussed.

Problems cannot ever be solved if there are people covertly causing/inciting them.

honesty seems to always be the underlying problem
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