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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, this is confusing -- in your other post you said you "never acted on your attraction" to the husband in that other couple out of respect for his being monogamous. I assumed that to mean that you and he never hooked up, though your husband got involved with his wife. And when you wrote that you never expected them to be the people you'd "wind up with," it sounded like you were resigned to a situation where your husband was having fun with the wife and you were left out, especially since you didn't mention whether or not you are involved with the wife or not.

So I guess I misread it all - you are in a quad and romantically/sexually in a relationship with Other Hubby (as well as with your own Hubby), correct? The other guy is not monogamous after all? And your Hubby wasn't ready for poly, but fell in love with the Other Wife right away?
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