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Before Bob came into our life I was in a relationship with Lee. I wasn't living with Keith at that time and I had actually been seeing Lee first. Lee was married and it was understood that our relationship was never going to go any farther than the point it was at. So he understood that I didn't want to be alone so much when I started seeing Keith. But several years later, my kids were grown and I was staying with Keith all the time anyway, I made the decision to give up my home and move in with Keith. Lee really didn't like this at all. He never really adjusted and eventually it was decided that we wouldn't see each other any more. That was really difficult for me. He had been in my life for quite a long time. I had already started seeing Bob toward the end of the relationship with Lee and Bob is very jealous. He's never been in a poly type relationship and he didn't like Lee to begin with (But Bob is fine with my relationship with Keith). That was another reason that I decided not to see Lee anymore. It was making the relationship that I had with Bob so much more difficult and I wasn't seeing Lee more than once every couple of months anyway. Its hard to have a relationship with someone that you never see. Its just almost impossible. However, I have never stopped being in contact with Lee. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't talk to him on the phone or text. I have made it clear that I am not going to see him any more but its hard to cut him out of my life completely because he's been such a big part of it. Keith doesn't care. He knows where I stand and that I haven't been seeing him. But, Bob is another matter. He's jealous. I have not lied to him and told him that we never talk. But I don't think he knows that we talk daily. Its hard to cut all ties but then again I'm not sure this daily contact is helping the situation. I'm not in love with Lee like I am Bob and Keith but I still care about what happens to him. I wish him happiness and all that. But I'm not going back to that relationship.
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