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When you get right down to it, every community is a community of people. People who may or may not get along. People who may or may not be assholes. People who may or may not be batshit crazy. People who may or may not be pedantic grammar nazis (haven't seen any of THOSE here... I'm impressed!). People who may or may not be the sweetest, most wonderful people in the world. They just have one particular thing in common (and even then, there are variations on that one thing - you collect model trains? Which gauge? You're poly? What kind of relationship are you in?). Maybe they're on the fringe of the group and don't know where to fit in. I'm mono in a poly relationship; where exactly do I belong?

Having the one thing in common doesn't make everyone like-minded, and other things, like communication styles, don't always match up. And yes, some people have gotten frustrated and sarcastic. We're all human. I can't think of one group I've been involved in where there wasn't some level of internal aggravation, online OR face-to-face.

Trying to be the lone voice cursing the "darkness" doesn't work. Light your own candle. Be who YOU want to be, and someone will appreciate you for it.
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