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A positive update: I've started filing for divorce in Nevada, first alone, but then after I contacted Raga he joined in so that we can file together and get it over with.
As stressful as it's all been, I'm glad that it seems to finish on a happier note of us working together to get it done, even if it's because we both want it over with, and not due to us being friendly again or anything like that.

I'll keep you posted on how the divorce goes.

The reason for not pursuing the French divorce - although it's still an option if the Nevada one falls through - is that I've been told that depending on the judge, the 2 year separation period that's compulsory might start only at the court date, which is September, and which would make the divorce take 2 more year.
Sure, the best-case scenario for the French divorce is it being done on the court date right away, but the worst-case scenario is pretty bad, so I've been exploring other options for the past few months, including this one.
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