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Default because I make no sense when angry

I will try to state it again:

That I always believed there are core principles that unite all people who practice ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, or whatever label is used.

That Love and the way it is experienced, expressed, and shared with others both emotionally and physically is considered sacred, and as being sacred it deserves the reverence and respect for all ways to "worship" or practice their own religion of love with complete autonomy when their practice of Love is within reason (does not included minors, and all adults involved are willing participants who desire and consent to all acts free from the manipulations of others) that differences of religions do not interfere with other religions and truly cause no harm.

that when people understand and can recognize others who voluntarily (meaning the honor system) refrain from unwanted chastisement, humiliation, or shame for the ways they choose to offer their love to others and accept other's offers.

that means on these forums, you don't have to agree with other people's views on how they practice loving relationships, but out of respect you do not engage subtle ways to disrespect others, no matter how civilized or hidden the inappropriate exchange of ideas may be.

It means you show respect by not implying meaning that remains unspoken. There are seemingly infinite ways a person could tell another person to fuck off, eat shit and die which without actually saying those words the thoughts can still be conveyed with a smile, a hand shake, and a pat on the back.

which goes against the voluntary respect that I had always believed to be a core belief of all polyamorists, no matter how different their practice of polyamory is compared to other people practice

that because everyone here knows the vicious unrecognized hatred that society can afflict on those whose way of life does not conform to tradition -- even though they are truly affecting nobody outside their own relationships -- and even though they truly are doing no harm, denial can be so strong among the "do gooders" that they are so ignorant as to justify destroying another person's ability to be happy, just because of who and how they choose to love people.

that polyamorists fully understand how fucked up that is, that those self-righteous yet wicked actions are universally considered so fundamentally wrong that nothing more than the honor system is needed to refrain from doing others wrong in that sort of way

that to say there is no community, or that community implies something that does not or cannot in reality exist among such a diverse group of people, is cop out. It is complete and utter bullshit as there can always be core values, principles that everyone can agree on. That those who do not agree, make a conscious decision to not allow such a community to exist, but in reality that decision excludes them from a very real living and breathing community

It's a simple decision, and not something far too complex to ever define or come to an suitable-for-everyone conclusion. It is nothing more than a simple choice, you can choose to behave according to the honor system, or you can choose not to

Similar to that famous line of "to do or not to do, either one is your answer"

which correct me if I am wrong, was what Higgens said to Magnum P.I. in one particular episode of...I think it was either Dragnet or Hawaii 5.0

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