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So, there's this girl. She studies archives. I want her to put me in a box and write a label on it.

It's someone I met off OkCupid. Have since disabled my account there - don't have time to date right now, what was I thinking! No, actually, I didn't go on there for dating, went to meet friends. But many people seem primarily there for dating, and - well - if you like sex and you like people and you like kissing and bodies and playing and unbounded conversations... there's a pot of potential there.

That said: potential? Is everywhere to me. What I need to work on is keeping myself healthy and pruned so I am pleased with my percentage of fruitfulness It feels less clinical than it perhaps sounds.

I think I have room for this flirtation, though. Y'know, just... one... more...

That old saying - "take it easy, but take it"
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