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Since we aren't doing any of the legal stuff there's a part of me that sees the wedding right now as a big party with friends and the promise that if the problems do get taken care of the legal stuff can be done later. I guess I figure since the money has already been paid may as well still have the big party even if no one there knows that the legal side of things isn't going to get done.

I know that love isn't enough which is why I've finally hit the point that if after now (when I've flat out told him that it's either all the therapy {his for the sex abuse, him getting his own mental health issues taken care of, us for couples} happens or we are done) if nothing changes I will be ending things. I just feel that since he just now realized how bad things are I need to give him that chance to fix things before ending everything.

I asked him during this conversation why he was with me and he said I make him want to be better to which I told him this was his last chance to buy a ticket to win the lottery because he seemed to think wanting to be better and not doing any work was enough.

One of the things that I know will need to be taken care of in couples counseling is during the conversation when I stated what needed to happen he informed me that the reason he spends more time tinkering and doing his own little projects rather than spending time with me is that he understands them and he doesn't understand me. I talked to Primal to see if he had any advice for Woodsmith he could talk to about because he does get me but that wouldn't work. One of the reasons he mentions he sometimes has problems even explaining how I am and work to Lamian (because she sometimes gets confused as to things they never had in their relationship is such a pivotal part for both Primal and I) but that he finds knowing me and what I need just comes to him as easy as breathing so trying to explain it the words are never there.
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