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Fear is no reason to stay in a relationship. And why not drop all this need for primary and secondary labels or just all see each other as co-primaries -- you are often wrestling with issues surrounding labels, which are just arbitrary titles, really.

Also, love isn't all it's cracked up to be! Loving someone simply isn't enough to make a relationship nurturing and satisfying on all levels, nor is it enough for a true, functioning, mutually supportive partnership (which is what a marriage is) - people have to show up, keep their word, be trustworthy, and be there for each other, in order to be good partners. There are plenty of instances where it is more appropriate and healthy to let go of someone you love. I agree with Opalescent that you would probably benefit if you postponed the wedding and rethought this idea of getting married to someone who seems so wrong for you in so many ways.
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