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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
. . . she didnt reply for a week or so so he figured she had lost interest.
Seriously? Maybe she did lose interest, or maybe she's just busy. I guess a week is a long time for people who are used to always being connected to their electronic devices and getting instant communication all day every day, but sheesh, I've had lapses of several weeks to a month in between messages to people on OKC. If I'm not interested, I let them know. Online dating is like having a second (or third) job and sometimes I just don't have any fucking energy to keep logging in and going through my inbox. It's often a tedious exercise to try and meet anyone on there.

Just thought I'd throw that possibility out there - she may still be interested but just got busy. Women get so many messages, he shouldn't give up - she might like it if he got in touch with her again.
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