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Originally Posted by london View Post
It's just about accepting that sometimes people are simply incompatible, relationships end for that reason and being incompatible is not the fault of anyone. People are allowed to have different needs, change their minds about what their needs are and decide not to be in relationships that they committed to. Instead if trying to shift the blame to them, I'd try and let go of the anger and finger pointing altogether. That's the only way I can envisage moving on in a healthy fashion.
thank you, I am feeling better, G feels we don't get on anymore, there are other things as well of course but yes I need to work on the whole 'I hate you because you made G do this'

G did all this hurtful things not J ( she did some but not though g, off her own back) but saying that I don't want friendship with her tbh nothing with her will keep me very happy.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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