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What's in it for you if you stay with her? What are the downsides?
What's in it for you if you leave her? What are the upsides?

I don't see much upside in spending your life with someone who you say doesn't manifest love for you and who you don't feel friendly towards. And yes you have kids... but kids can tell when their parents aren't both happy together or aren't both treating each other well. I believe it can cause them to lose respect for one or both parents and sets them a poor example for their own future lives and relationships. So while it's fine, even laudable, to consider your children's wellbeing when making your decision, children's wellbeing isn't
automatically better served by their parents staying together than by their parents divorcing.

My advice is to leave unless you honestly believe your relationship with your wife ( feelings and actions both, for both of you to each other) can and will improve to a desirable state within an acceptable time frame. Desirable state and acceptable time frame are for you to define, but be honest with yourself when you do it.
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