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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
I really hope you can work this out. Do you have any poly friendly therapists in your area? i know mine is immensely, helpful, and actually after i went to her BF and his spouse each started seeing her too (hubs has not, he has his own person for different mental health matters and is doing very well with poly). Im not going to call you rash, or be crude or mean or anything, you clearly do not need this right now. If what you need is space, take space, but i'd suggest not jumping right to divorce. Seperate maybe, and take some time to focus on you. What you need, waht makes you happy. I suggest reading the seven natural laws of love by deborah anapol.

My BF's wife is also struggling with our relationship, and some other issues (though if anything, he puts her needs over mine as gf) and i sincerely hope she doesnt come to this same conclusion, because I do not want to see him hurt. I hope GF in your situation feels the same way.

I also call BS on him not wanting you to get a bf. you deserve love and attention, but make sure you are taking care of yourself for yourself before introducing new people.

Best of luck, keep us posted

The closest therapist is in Boston,45 min away. We are not in the position financially to be able to pay for one. I have seperated myself away from both of them. He is on the road and she is sick. She is down here, I can't send her upstairs to take care of her children by herself with her being so sick. I tend to stay to myself when I'm like this and need to figure things out. I talked to gf this morning. I let her know that I'm not mad at her, I'm just emotionally tapped out. I told her I know I can be cold when I'm like this and I don't want her to think its her. I just have to work through things.
They have both said they are done for a bit as it seems to be so hard on me. I love seeing them interact and be loving towards each other. When I got upset was when I was getting nothing from either of them. I had to seek both of them out for attention. Our gf feels the same as you do. She doesn't want to see us split over her.

I appreciate the advice you guys/girls have given me. I realize that this new and I don't know nearly enough. Right now I am just numb. I m not feeling much of anything.

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